Hello, I am Jermaine Young

I'm a dad and cool geek by day and a social networking ninja and an online marketing monster by night. I speak in "tweets", post like a pro, Pin like a pimp, and eat, sleep, and breathe internet content. My dream is to help everyone shine online (including you) and I'm making that happen one satisfied client at a time. Do you need a ninja for your networking or monster for your marketing? Drop me a line. I'm your geek.

Translation: I'm a very smart individual that is proficient at Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Internet Content marketing. I'd like to help you get your message out to the right audience using the best tools available online. Do you need a creative marketing specialist for your next project? If so, I'm your guy. Get in touch today!

This site is the central hub of all of my online magic. Its kinda like my Batcave / Fortress of Solitude / Iron Man Mansion. Here you will find:


Do you want the world to know you're awesome?

My goal is to help you do just that. With over 12+ years of actual experience in marketing and social media I have what it takes to get your message out to the world in a way that it will SCREAM awesomeness!

I want to help you build your personal brand, craft your online marketing strategy, and show the entire planet exactly why you shine. I have the tools and you have the jewels so together we can create something beautiful.

My many Identities

Web Consultation

Web Consultant

With 15+ years of experience in the web design and social media industry I have a strong grasp of the available assets and technologies to create the best and most professional web presence for any sized budget.

User experience design

Graphic Designer

I am a naturally talented artist and a self taught graphic designer. I am skilled in the latest graphic design software and posses the ability to reproduce any image I see. With great power comes great responsibility (where have I heard that before?)


Social Media Marketing Strategist

I am well versed in the latest social media tools and trends and possess the ability to craft an attention demanding social media campaign for your buisiness or yourself that can help grow.



I'll admit that I only recently discovered my skill with a camera so to call myself a photographer is a stretch. But, check out my work and I promise you won't be disappointed. I love all things beautiful which is why I do what I do.

Special Skills

Years of experience
Completed projects
Satisfied customers
Google Analytics
Creating Miracles




The Juice FM 107.3 | WJUC

Online Marketing Manager

As the Online Marketing Manager for The Juice 107.3 WJUC my duties include, Managing the online properties of The Juice 107.3 and creating and curating unique and interesting content to grow, maintain, and engage its collective social media audience. My other duties include creating promotions and banner campaigns to raise awareness of events, segments, and interests for the radio station and its audience.

www.thejuice1073.com | Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest




President / CEO

I am the founder and CEO of PingDots a startup aiming to design the worlds first "real world" messaging app.

www.pingdots.com - coming soon | Facebook | Twitter




Founder / Creative Director

vividImagery is the re-branded/relaunched vision for A sublime Creation Design Studio. The relaunch came about as an effort to move our company forward with the industry's ever changing trends and advances. vividImagery focuses on style and function in perfect synchronization.


A Sublime Creation Design Studio

Lead Designer

A Sublime Creation Design Studio is a graphic design, web development, and multimedia production studio based in Toledo, Ohio specializing in service for small businesses, non profit organizations and religious groups.



(4 years)

The Greater Toledo Urban League

Director of Marketing and Social Media

The position of Director of Marketing and Social Media involves managing, developing, and maintaining the brand and public image of the Greater Toledo Urban League Online via the web site and other internet media which includes producing and monitoring branded print material, managing the web properties (i.e. Facebook page, blog, and web site), and building a rapport with the local news media outlets.

Visit www.gtul.org for more.


(2 years)

Glass City Connect

Executive Editor

As Executive Editor at Glass City Connect my duties involve managing and maintaining a group of site contributors and other staff positions as well as organizing site promotion and sharing across multiple social networks and other online magazine.

Glass City Connect (Archives)


(1 year)

S&S Management and Consulting

Director of Media

As director of media for S and S Management and Consulting my primary duties involved building and maintaining the brand and image of S and S management as well as direct work on brand development for various clientele and small businesses. Some of my work still represent the company to this day such as the logo designs for Game Savvy television, S and S management itself, and the iconic "black light bulb" design element. I also participated in the co-development of an online social networking platform Nexus Network.


(2 years)

Undergodz ENT

Director of Media and Resident Song Writer

Produced marketing material and promotional fliers for label artists and events.
Co-wrote and co-produced songs for label artists


(2 years)

Ebony World Productions

Director of Media and Marketing

Produced marketing material and promotional fliers for events, promotions, and branding efforts. Ebony World Productions was the first company that broadcast my works city-wide.

(5 years)

Renaissance Poetry Group

Media Director

This was my first ever steady design gig. I was a part of a spoken word collective and as a bonus to my poetry prowess I designed graphic fliers and promotions for the group inspired by my friend and colleague, Imani Lateef.

Renaissance Poetry Group held a weekly spoken word poetry venue which began at Murphy's Lounge in downtown Toledo. The Renaissance at one point was the only "urban" open Mic venue in the city of Toledo. My duties at the Renaissance included designing and distributing marketing materials to attract individuals to the poetry night. Other various duties included emceeing the night as well as participating in spoken word events and competitions around the city where I was awarded two first place awards for my talent (1999 and 2001). -via LinkedIn


Full Sail University
(2010 – 2012)

BSA, Web Development

I decided to attend Full Sail University online as a non-traditional student in order to enhance my self taught skill set to be more competitive in my field of work.

(2006 – 2010)

Graphic Design

An online certificate program for creative designers.

Youtube University

Self Taught Design

Have you heard of this little site called Youtube? Basically anything you want to learn about anything is there. Best school ever but I'm nowhere close to graduating yet. I watched lots of tutorials and cat videos to get where I am today.





Imani Lateef

Jermaine is knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. As an IT specialist he finds a way to stay two steps ahead of his contemporaries. As graphic designer he's able to take any business to the next level of professionalism.


Toni J Lynch

Jermaine was the Executive Editor when I worked at Glass City Connect from 2009 to 2010. We worked together on a daily basis. During that time, Jermaine proved to be incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. He always had an efficient strategy lined up to make our work go smoothly and was excellent in communicating his ideas to the rest of the team. Jermaine exhibited strong interpersonal skills and a unique capacity for empathy. These qualities most notably translated in his ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success. I heartily recommend Jermaine and would be only too happy to work with him again.


Spoken Word Poetry

When I'm not saving the world from design faux pas my mild mannered alter ego is none other than the internet famous "Tigga76". Tigga76 (Thoughts Intertwine Great Genius Again) is a poetry persona I adopted that was derived from the typical teenage angst and anxiety translated into poetic form for audience consumption. As "Tigga" I have won several awards for my craft and skill. Let me just warn you, "Tigga ain't nothing to mess with"


I love capturing the beauty of the world around me. I especially love the art and finess of photography. Anyone can create a pretty picture but to capture the perfect angle or precise moment is a skill all on its own. I have an extensive collection of photography on my Instagram account. Be sure to follow me, like my work, and share.


Click here to follow Jermaine Young on WattpadAt the very core of my being is a literery spirit that begs to rome free. Only his muse possesses the key to unchain him, however. What I am trying to say is, I'm a writer by nature and not by choice. On top of writing poetry I also blog, voice commentatries and opinions on social matters, and I am currently struggling through the completion of the worlds next number one best seller. Check me out on these sites.

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